Boat/Watercraft Insurance in California

Nothing can beat the cool breeze and the warm sun on the California waters when boating. What an amazing way of escaping the heat and enjoying the natural resources! But do you have the right protection to keep your boat and you safely protected during these excursions? Boats are expensive, and any accident or incident would cost you thousands of dollars. To that end, you need boat insurance from Central Coast Insurance of Ventura, CA to enjoy a relaxed time in the water.

But since boat insurance is broad, what are coverages should you consider in your policy? While there are other coverages you can consider, here are must-have boat insurance coverages for your boat.

Property coverage

Property coverage covers your boat against damage or theft in case of an accident or sinking. The good thing is that this coverage applies to your boat if it's on land or out of water. Since you can’t predict when an incident will happen, be safe by purchasing this coverage.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage is a must-have. Accidents do happen. If your boat injures someone during an accident or damaged someone else property, it's not your headache when you have boat insurance. Besides, your watercraft insurance comes to your rescue when sued.

Medical payments coverage

Medical coverage pays for your medical bills in the event you and your passengers get injured. Treatment that requires scans, surgery, or drugs prescription can be costly and may drain all your finances, but this coverage has you covered.

Uninsured boater coverage

Since boat insurance in California is not mandatory, the chances are that many boaters don’t purchase this insurance. Thankfully, the uninsured boater policy pays for your damages when you collide with a boater carrying no insurance — this is much easier than going the route of suing.

Boat insurance in Ventura, CA

Ready to get started with boat insurance? Enjoy your peace of mind any time you are boating with affordable boat insurance from Central Coast Insurance. Contact us today!

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